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Campers must read the regulations and policies in Camping Downloads listed in the right sidebar of this page and on our Downloads page.

Everyone using our Camping Platforms is required to carry a portable toilet with detachable waste bags on their camping/paddling trip. Read the policy.

Reservations and permits can be made online any time. We hope you enjoy these facilities and spread the word about your experience on the Tar River.


Bourne Farm Platform (Dunbar Vicinity)

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Dunbar Vicinity

The Bourne Farm platform, site donated by the Bourne family of Tarboro, was completed in August, 2014. Use the existing boat ramp on the farm as a landing spot and walk 50 yards downstream to the camping platform. This facility is located upstream of Dunbar on one of the most scenic sections of the Tar River in Edgecombe County. Enjoy a narrow, meandering section of the river just downstream from the site with high banks and abundant wildlife such as whitetail deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, and much more. This platform is 16' by 32' and half is enclosed with screening and a roof. All sites are only accessible by water. Please note that this site will be closed from September 6th - January 1st due to hunting season. Download Bourne Campsite Paddlers Map.

GPS: 35°, 57'17.7"N
         77°, 40'14.5"W

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