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Campers must read the regulations and policies in Camping Downloads listed in the right sidebar of this page and on our Downloads page.

Everyone using our Camping Platforms is required to carry a portable toilet with detachable waste bags on their camping/paddling trip. Read the policy.

Reservations and permits can be made online any time. We hope you enjoy these facilities and spread the word about your experience on the Tar River.


Panola Farm Platform (Tarboro Vicinity)

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Tarboro Vicinity

The Panola Farm Platform, site donated by Mr. Don Anderson of Tarboro and named after the beautiful Panola Farm, is the closest of our Edgecombe County platforms to downtown Tarboro. Situated just below the old Red Iron Bridge and a few miles below the confluence of Fishing Creek and the Tar River on the high south bank of the river, the Panola Platform provides a wonderful stay in a unique section of the river. Through paddlers can enjoy the Tarboro section of the river at a leisurely pace and find plenty of sandbars for resting areas. For day or overnight paddlers, the closest upstream put-in is the Wildlife Ramp at Bell's Bridge (HWY 33) and the closest downstream take-out is the Wildlife Ramp at downtown Tarboro. The platform is 16' by 32' and half of it is enclosed with a roof and screened-in area for those buggy or rainy nights. All sites are only accessible by water. Download Panola Platform Paddlers Map.

GPS: 35°, 54'52.87"N
         77°, 30'39.35"W

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+ $10 (If booking multiple sites, no need to select for each site. Toilet rental covers entire trip.)



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