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Camping on the Tar-Pamlico River

panola1The Tar-Pamlico River Camping Platforms, owned and operated by Sound Rivers, Inc. in Washington, NC, provide overnight camping facilities to recreational users of the Tar River. Sound Rivers' goal is to build a continuous system of platforms approximately 8 - 25 miles apart spanning from the headwaters of the Tar River in Granville County to the wide open estuarine waters of the Pamlico River in Beaufort, serving as a gateway to the open waters in Hyde and Pamlico Counties. Enjoy white water paddling in the headwaters to sea kayaking along the Inner Banks.

You can choose to sleep under the stars or in a screened-in enclosure along the scenic Tar River in central and eastern North Carolina; the platforms are open to the public. Recreational paddlers, boaters, and fishermen are welcome to use the facilities year-round; however, users must make a reservation through Sound Rivers and use is by permit only.

Campers must read the regulations and policies in Camping Downloads listed in the right sidebar of this page and on our Downloads page.

Everyone using our Camping Platforms is required to carry a portable toilet.  We recommend a folding toilet with bags, but a bucket can work. Read the policy.

Reservations and permits can be made anytime using our online system. We hope you enjoy these facilities and spread the word about your experience on the Tar River.

River Park North, run by the city of Greenville, also has three primitive camping sites available, and Goose Creek State Park has a primitive camping area, swim beach, and hiking trails. The City of Rocky Mount Parks and Recreation Department offers camping platforms located within the Rocky Mount Reservoir and Battle Park for non-profit and family use.


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