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The Mid-Winter Platform Visits

Clear sunny skies, with temperatures in the 40’s, and just enough wind chill to convince me it was still winter. I couldn’t ask for much better weather to go check out several of the camping platforms along the Tar-Pamlico River Water Trail for the first time. The first stop on the trip was to the Vollmer platform. It is located in what is called “the back 40” in the rear of Vollmer Farm, a beautiful 5th generation family farm in Bunn. The platform is situated on the edge of a large field, on a slight rise above the river with a small line of trees separating it from the water. As I stood on the deck, I could look down through the trees at the Tar River lazily flowing by. On leaving the platform, I followed a tree lined trail along the riverbank for about 50 yards upstream that ended with a short staircase on the right leading down to a small beach, offering easy river access for kayaks and canoes.

               b2ap3_thumbnail_Vollmer-Platform_20150227-175757_1.jpg                    b2ap3_thumbnail_Vollmer-Access_20150227-175819_1.jpg

The Bourne platform was the next stop, located in the Dunbar vicinity near Tarboro. After driving down a long road with fields on my left and a single row of trees on my right, the platform came into view on the left. Positioned in the far rear of the Bourne family farm, it is surrounded on 3 sides by underbrush and trees, with the Tar River meandering by 10 yards behind it. It feels far separated from society, despite the fact that it is only minutes away. A 50 yard walk along the tree line brought me to a downward sloping trail that ends at the river, providing an easy entry and exit for boaters.

               b2ap3_thumbnail_Bourne-Platform.jpg                    b2ap3_thumbnail_Bourne-Access.jpg

The last stop of the day was at the Panola platform, only a couple of miles from downtown Tarboro. In spite of its close vicinity to the town, it is tucked away in the woods behind the fields of Panola farm. The platform is found on the top of a steep bank overlooking the river. As I was gazing out on the river, I could see the wind blowing against the surface of the water, creating a ripple effect that caught the sun’s rays making the river shimmer. Looking down, I could see the river access on the right, just a few steps away from the platform. There are stairs leading down the bank that allow for boats to be tied off or carried up, offering the quickest access to the river of the three platforms.

               b2ap3_thumbnail_Panola-Platform.jpg                    b2ap3_thumbnail_Panola-Access.jpg


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New camping platform with walkway and deck

b2ap3_thumbnail_walkway-construction.jpgAnother new camping platform has been constructed, this one with nice walkway and deck along the river to ease access. The platform is located on WRC gamelands, downstream of Tarboro in a beautiful site.

As you can see from our photos, the river is up and our walkway construction is getting an early test! Click a photo for a larger view.


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Bourne Platform Complete

b2ap3_thumbnail_bourne-platform.jpgThe new Bourne Platform site along the Tar River in Edgecombe County is now complete and ready for you to spend the night! Click on a photo to view a larger image.

Check out the beautiful view from the platform.

To reserve this or any of our campsites, visit the Reservations page.


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Ribbon Cutting for camping platform in Bunn, NC

b2ap3_thumbnail_novozymes-ribbon.jpgWe're excited to have cut the ribbon on our newest camping platform, located near Vollmer Farms in Bunn and built with with $5,000 assistance from Novozymes, a Louisberg company. A ribbon cutting was held on April 28, 2014; click the photo to view a larger image, or visit the Facebook gallery to view all photos from the ribbon cutting.

This is the fifth camping platform erected and the first in Franklin County. The other platforms are located in Rocky Mount, and Pitt and Edgecombe counties. The platforms are accessible only by river, and feature wooden platforms and screened-in rooms for camping; our plans are to build a total of 15 platforms, about 10 to 15 miles apart.

We're excited that kayakers and canoeists will now be able to extend their overnight trips with the addition of the new camping platform. Visit our Reservations page to make reservations for this or any of the other platforms, for a night or for an extended trip.


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